The reason for the outflow of personnel abroad in the absence of reforms, Director of the Bleyzer Foundation

Ukraine is losing workforce due to lack of reforms and poor performance of the economy. This was stated by Executive Director of the International Bleyzer Foundation, President at Harvard club of Ukraine, economist Oleg Ustenko in the Channel 24.

According to Ustenko, Ukraine suffers largely from lack of investment for the rest of the investors.

“Investors are afraid to come down here in this economy not because it is war, and not even because here corruption is the main problem, although for them this is a huge problem. They are afraid to enter this economy, in this country, because protection of property rights is close to zero, because the judicial reform is really not gone, that much is solved at the phone right as it was decided at the dawn of the 1990s or during the late Soviet Union”, – said Ustenko.

Also, according to the economist, to brag sent funds to Ukraine from workers makes no sense because it only confirms the plight of the economy.

“That’s why we’re losing staff. That’s why people are leaving us. And that’s why this trend will continue as long as does not change the essence. But the essence is the economy of the country. And the stories about the fact that $ 6 billion or 8 billion that we can get this year from our guest workers that will allow us to maintain the course? They are good, but the conversation, say it again, the same, in the same plane, about the fact that pensioners are getting less, because then we will have less to pay pensions”, – said Ustenko.

In addition, Ustenko said that without economic growth, a return guest workers to Ukraine would be impossible.

“It is impossible. We are one of the poorest countries in the world. The poorest country of Europe. The paradox is that we still think about myself as many strong and very respected everywhere. But it is not. The Mongols since 2010, does not grow below 10%. Vietnam, Kampuchea, Cambodia, Laos – these countries that traditionally were considered poor, they show economic growth”, – said Ustenko.

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