The record for the book fair

Un record pour le Salon du livre

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The Salon du livre de Québec has beaten a historical record, so that 70 000 people have passed through its turnstiles between Wednesday and Sunday. The victims of this unprecedented success, many publishers have even ran out of books.

It will be difficult to do more, said chairman and ceo Philippe Sauvageau, who already looks to the 50th edition. “The bar has been set high for next year “, grants the one who could not hide his great satisfaction yesterday.

Between Wednesday and Sunday, according to preliminary data, 70 000 visitors entered the room, a figure never equalled in 49 years of existence. Only on Saturday, the fair was visited by 21 000 people, he confirmed.

Un record pour le Salon du livre

Several european authors, including the swiss writer Joël Dicker, had made the trip overseas to meet their fans in quebec.


“This is our largest show since the beginning. We started with a ridership of 33,000 people. It must be done, ” recalls Mr. Sauvageau.

“The publishers have sold a lot, much more than in previous years, avance-t-il. He had to see the queues at the cashiers of the literature youth, young people who were buying books. There are publishers that have failed to works for some titles, and not just for the young, for adults too. “

Un record pour le Salon du livre

Kim Thuy has mobs running around.


Authors stars

The president first given this great interest for the show to its programming, which included the presence of many authors and celebrities such as Patrick Senécal, Kim Thuy, Janette Bertrand and the spokesperson Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt.

But, for some time, the Salon du livre of Quebec uses more social networks, says its CEO. “We try to renew each year, and this is not always obvious “.

“We’re building round tables from topics. It also, it has attracted a lot of people, it was full, it is not possible “, he commented.

Un record pour le Salon du livre

Never the book fair has not been as busy, with 70 000 visitors.


An entry fluid

Since the edition 2017 had also been a record year, the book fair had planned the coup, this year, with two entries.

“Last year, there was a queue long enough to buy tickets. This year, there was an entrance at the bottom, a top, and it allowed for a certain fluidity. There was almost no wait. “

“The only place where it is still stuck, it is the children. We cannot accommodate more than 16 000 because of the capacity of the congress Centre and from the logistics to the welcome of the young. “