The regional development Ministry has proposed to use on the Ukrainian roads lighting and sound layout

Минрегион предложил использовать на украинских дорогах световую и шумовую разметку

The Ministry of regional development is considering the possibility of inclusion in the updated GSN noise and light markings on the roads. This was announced by Deputy Minister Lev Partskhaladze on his page in Facebook.

“Friends who have traveled in Europe by car, I think, drew attention to noise or light marking between the travel lanes or next to the curbs on many roads. Interested in your opinion! Whether the actual will be to use this markup in Ukraine? Insert this as a new norm in the state building standards (GOS) on the roads to do it on new and reconstructed Ukrainian roads?” – he wrote.

Under noise markings, explained Partskhaladze, are due to the artificially created bumps, recesses or elevations, which are settled along or across the road depending on the destination.

“While hitting her, the driver of the car starts to feel significant vibration and noise exposure and this contributes to the improvement of attention on the road while driving along road shoulders or in front approaching the area with the increased danger,” – said the Deputy Minister.

The creation of light marking involves the use of special paint that collects sunlight, and then emits it within 10 hours after dark. Similar marking is intended to improve visibility for drivers at night and significantly increases traffic safety.

Partskhaladze also said that since 1 September 2018 came into force on GSN, containing a number of updates in the construction of streets and roads.

“There are many important changes to increase safety on the roads, in particular the possibility of narrowing the width of lanes, the arrangement of binding Islands at uncontrolled crossings and protective bars at bus stops and the like. We don’t stop this work, spend a lot of consultations and discussions to obtain further proposals which may be embodied in a new seeker,” he said.

Also earlier it was reported that under the new GOS, pedestrian crossings equipped to meet the needs of people with disabilities, and sidewalks and bike lanes will remove manholes and inlets.

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