The registry of a contact lens telescopic in one eye, a first in the country

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The Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec, has been the theatre, on Tuesday, the first transplant of a lens telescopic of four millimeters in the eye of a patient.

Jacqueline Rioux suffers from macular degeneration for the last forty years. She is the first patient in the country to undergo this surgery, performed Tuesday afternoon by the specialist of the cornea, Dr. Richard Bazin.

“I dream to see the faces of my loved ones, my spouse, my children, my grandchildren,” said the one whose sight has diminished, as it was in the thirties”.

Macular degeneration affects more than 300 000 Quebecers.

Jacqueline Rioux is suffering from a more rare form, the dry form, but the intervention of Tuesday gives hope to those who suffer from it.

With this disease, we saw multiple losses; the loss of driving license, loss of employment, difficulty to read and see the people and landscapes. This is the central vision, which is directly affected.

The battle of Jacqueline Rioux is not completed since a long rehabilitation awaits him. Dr. Bazin explains that she will need to get used to see it as if she had a twin sister in one eye.

The lens of the telescopic cost more than $ 20,000. The CHU de Québec has drawn on its budget innovation to perform the first medical of the country.

“We wanted to demonstrate the potential of this technique to be able to produce tens per year in the future”, says Dr Bazin.

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