The release of chemicals in the Crimea: the excess concentration of harmful substances in the Kherson region is not present, – the Chairman yeah

Выброс химикатов в Крыму: превышения концентрации вредных веществ в Херсонской области нет, - председатель ОГА

In the Kherson region as of September 11, no excess of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of harmful substances in the incident at the plant “Crimean Titan”, which is located on the territory of annexed Crimea. About this program the “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev.

“At the moment of exceeding of the MPC is not in the vicinity of the plant “Titan”, on the site that relates to my area of competence, responsibility… We are since yesterday morning observed that the pipes in the plant is not smoke. Accordingly, it is not working, according to our visual observation,” he said.

Also, according to him, no civilian in the Kherson region was not injured in connection with the discharge.

“No civilian has not suffered from poisoning, because we held such events. 61 the border guard is poisoned by sulfur dioxide, when on 6 September the wind blew in the direction Kherson region and caught KPVV “Kalanchak”, – said Gordeev.

Previously, he said that the situation with emissions of harmful chemicals by the plant “Crimean Titan”, located on the territory of the annexed Crimea has returned to normal, because the plant ceased its operation.

We will remind, in the town of Armyansk in the North annexed the Crimea there was an emission into the atmosphere of substances of unknown origin. On metal objects, rooftops, on the leaves of the trees formed oily coating having a yellowish tint. First, the representatives of the occupation authorities did not recognize the problem, but on 4 September the “Crimean government” for the first time stated that the maximum permissible concentration of sulfur dioxide in Armyansk and nearby towns exceeded the norm. Children were evacuated, local residents encouraged to spend less time outdoors. Through the release of chemicals in the annexed Crimea on mainland Ukraine has left 59 people.

It was also reported that due to emissions of chemicals 61 injured, the Ukrainian border guard. It is reported that five of them were hospitalized, they are now in the Odessa clinical hospital of the gpsu.

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