The remains of the collapsed bridge construction in Genoa, will be demolished within one month

Остатки обрушившейся конструкции моста в Генуе снесут в течение месяца

The demolition of the remnants of the bridge structure Morandi in Genoa, which collapsed two weeks ago and claimed the lives of 43 people, is one month. This was stated by the Governor of Liguria Giovanni LTTE, reports The Local.

According to him, a timetable for the demolition will be shorter than expected – about 30 days.

The work plan is at the final stage, then it needs to be approved by local authorities. However, as stated by the LTTE, the work will begin no later than the end of September.

The demolition will begin with Eastern support, which looks after the collapse of the least stable.

Experts plan to use during the explosives.

Recall that on 14 August in the Italian city of Genoa collapsed bridge. At first it was thought that the cause of the collapse could be a weakening of the supporting structures. Later, the Prosecutor Francesco Gozzi stated that the cause of the tragedy was human error.

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