The richest Deputy of the state Duma will not be deprived of his mandate

The Commission on control over incomes of deputies of the state Duma, headed by Natalia Polonskaya, decided not to deprive Andrei Palkin status of the Deputy. He has declared the highest income among the other members of the lower house of Parliament.


The Commission is expected to be limited to only reprimand that has already been made. This was announced by the party members. – members of the faction “United Russia” – and was confirmed by the representatives of the Duma Committee.

The reason for the claims against the MP were his parliamentary inquiries. He sent them to the firm-the owe of a brick factory. It is noted that the Palkin is the founder of the enterprise-the creditor. Now in this post is the son of a parliamentarian.

The Deputy of the state Duma States that he has no cause for concern, as his queries were aimed at “protecting the interests of the state and society”. Last year, the Palkin income exceeded the income of other parliamentarians and amounted to 648 million rubles. And this despite the fact that he passed the procedure of bankruptcy.