The robbery of a pawnshop in Kiev and the murder of a guard committed by the foreigners – police

Ограбление ломбарда в Киеве и убийство охранника совершили иностранцы, - полиция

The attackers, who the day before had robbed a pawn shop in the Shevchenko district of Kiev on the street Shcherbakovskaya and shot his guard, most likely are aliens. This was stated by acting head of the Metropolitan police Viktor Nechytailo, the press service of the Ministry.

According to him, between the attackers spoke a foreign language, and to the security guard and the seller spoke in Russian.

“After analyzing all the information gathered, we can say that the robbers had clearly planned the robbery at the store: they chose a convenient time, when in the city with no traffic, figured out escape routes and the place of a bullshit machine. Even the fact that she burned the car, which was used during the attack, says that they tried to destroy evidence: it was in the cabin found the weapon, which they likely used during the robbery,” said police.

Militiamen note that in the robbery the intruders took several minutes, and the preliminary amount of the damage amounted to about UAH 5 million.

On the search for the attackers targeted the entire staff of the police of Kiev, besides, militiamen urged to report details of the incident everyone who owns them.

Recall, on the fact of robbery and murder that occurred on Sunday evening, opened two criminal proceedings: according to paragraph 6 of part 2 of article 115 (“Premeditated murder”) and part 4 of article 187 (“Robbery”) Criminal code of Ukraine.

Also note that the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the eyewitness of incident has sent a video which recorded the moment of a robbery of a pawnshop. Previously published photos from the scene of the crime.

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