The Russian foreign Ministry has named a new military salute APU Glory to Ukraine Nazi and daring attempt to promote

Российский МИД назвал новое воинское приветствие ВСУ Слава Украине нацистским и дерзкой попыткой пропаганды

The new Ukrainian military greeting “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to Heroes” in the Kremlin have considered outrageous. This was stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova during a briefing today, Thursday 23 August, the press service of the Ministry.

“On 24 August in Kiev in the framework of a military parade dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the independence Day of Ukraine, will be used by the new military salute “Glory to Ukraine! — Glory to heroes!” … Believe that this is one of the most daring attempts of the Ukrainian state propaganda to reinforce in the public mind the slogan that many in Ukraine and beyond its borders associated with the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA), Stepan Bandera and their crimes during the Second world war”, — said Zakharov.

The slogan Zakharov called “the blueprint of the German national socialist greeting,“ and Ukraine accused of trying to “distance this slogan from uncomfortable of origin and fill it with new positive content.”

Remember, the greeting “Glory to Ukraine!” will be the official in Armed forces and will begin to be used in military ceremonies, starting with a parade on independence Day, August 24. Bill No. 7549, which provides for amendments to the Charter of internal service of the APU, in particular, the introduction of a new military greeting “Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to heroes!”, was registered in the Verkhovna Rada in February 2018.

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