The Russian owners of electric cars can provide the free Parking

The Russian owners of hybrid and electric vehicles can provide incentives in the form of free Parking and lower tax rate for transport. This writes TASS.


The proposal was voiced by Sergey Donskoy, Minister of natural resources. According to him, the owners of hybrid versions and electric transport are the “donors” ecological well-being in major cities of the country. That is why they should be encouraged, said don.

As preferences for owners of electric cars and hybrids Donskoy has listed providing free Parking and reduction of vehicle tax. New edition of traffic rules, he said, will make it easy to formalize the preferences at the legislative level.

As priority areas where the law must enter as soon as possible, don pointed out Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities of the country, where over 90% of air pollution answer the cars with internal combustion engines. It is worth Recalling that earlier, the officials propose to develop a new environmental programme for transport development in the country, which will contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions.