The Russians are outraged by the unexpected “funeral” Karachentsov

Fans of Nicholas Karachentsov expressed his indignation about the unexpected “death” of the actor, reported by several major search engines. The Russians believe that the representatives of the companies must apologize to the artist and his family.


Several major search engines heralded the death of Nicholas Karachentsova. Google “buried” famous actor 1 December, “Yandex” vaguely indicates the current month. This information still appears on the page popular the free encyclopedia. Date of death of Nicholas Karachentsova “Wikipedia” calls “December 2017”. However, the actor today, December 7, was the second procedure chemo, and tomorrow is going to go to the Northern capital.

The Russians are outraged by this incompetence. They believe that it is necessary to apologize to Karachentsovu and his family. Some fans joked that this news predicts the artist a long life.