The Russians laughed at the IOC decision to restrict the national team of Russia

The Russians on Twitter and memes mocked the radical decision of the IOC to limit the national team of Russia. The prohibition to leave at the Olympics in 2018 under the Russian flag made by network users to compete in wit.


Yesterday, the IOC has banned athletes from Russia to participate in the Olympics under the national flag. The members of the team, not suspected of doping, was allowed to compete under a neutral flag.

Blogger Daniel Cross has always considered the flag of the Russian Federation “fairly neutral”. And @traktor_bang was invited to speak at the Olympics in 2018 under the banner of house Targaryen from “Game of thrones”.

Twitter channel @twitted_knitter, “Knitted sweater”, beat an ordinary phrase: “Well, the neutral flag in your hands!”. Bob Farber joked that the Russian national team was allowed to compete at the Olympics, not only under a neutral flag, but under “unobtrusive music”. User @alesterre suggested that since “participation in the Olympiad is not available in the region”, in the Game you can get via VPN or anonymizer Tor.