The scandal surrounding the employee of national police and students: to Supervise the investigation of military Prosecutor’s office

Скандал вокруг сотрудника Нацполиции и студентки: Контролировать расследование будет военная прокуратура

Procedural management in investigation of the case on behalf of Natalia Buraco about threats to carry out military Prosecutor’s office. About it reports “Ukrainian truth” with reference to press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev Hope the maximes.

“The Prosecutor General’s office made the decision to determine procedural guidance for the military Prosecutor’s office”, – said the maximes.

In clarifying questions from the press Secretary of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office asked not to look for conspiracy and assured that the military Prosecutor’s office shall be adequate and effective procedural management.

In addition, the sources of “the Ukrainian truth” in the Prosecutor’s office reported that he Varchenko also appealed to the police with a statement, which was opened another criminal proceedings.

We will remind, yesterday in mass media there was information that the civil husband of the Deputy head of the state Bureau of investigation Olga Varchenko Alexander, who holds the position of Deputy chief of Department of protection of economy of the National police, allegedly sexually harassed and threatened the student.

He Varchenko said about the media attack on him and his family. In turn, the student of Buraco submitted to the Prosecutor a statement about the crime on the part of the officer of the national police.

In fact, Boreyko complaints about threats and harassment of the Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings. The investigation will deal with the Main Department of the security Service of Ukraine in Kiev and Kiev region.

Last night the student on his page in Facebook apologized to Varchenko and his family, noting that she was “very embarrassing”, as she “did not understand the situation and not be aware of their actions”. Also from page, Buraco on Facebook disappeared all the previous posts where she wrote about the conflict with Varchenko.

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