The schools of the province have been emptied of their directors

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QUEBEC | is A rush to retirement of the principals will cause headaches for school boards, while up to 15 % of them could be from next June, because of the new provisions of the pension plan.

At the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), 45 school directors or deputy directors have already signaled their departure to the retirement this summer, about 300 people.

“And there are people who have not yet been announced. Just to the CSDM, it is going to hit hard, ” says the president of the montreal Association of school principals, school-Hélène Bourdages.

“In the month of August, at the time of the organization of the school, no boss in the schools, it’s going to be the mess, she says. It takes a leader to lead a group of men and women and organize a school. “

This sprint to the exit is the result of changes imposed by Québec to the pension Plan of management personnel, including certain measures will take effect on the 1st of July next.

The CSDM, the president confirmed the figures, but is reassuring.

“It is sure that this is a record for the CSDM, but it has put tools in place to be able to manage the situation,” says Catherine Harel-Bourdon. Forty-eight teachers are currently enrolled in the DESS to pick up the slack.

Not everywhere the same

The situation varies from one school board to another, but it affects all regions. Carl Ouellet, president of the quebec Association of senior staff of schools, believes that the South Shore of Montreal, will be particularly affected.

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“It worries us greatly,” he says. Already of the difficulty in recruiting school principals. “

Carl Ouellet, however, specifies that it is ” really preliminary “.

The Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec confirms that ” the question of retirement of the principals is a top concern “.

The director of communications, Caroline Lemieux, however, emphasises that the federation does not have data for the time being, since school principals have until April to announce their departure.

Not good for the shortage

The cabinet of the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, it is claimed that this possibility is being assessed.

“It is sad because, while there is a shortage, we push people into retirement,” she adds. […] There is a shortage of labour in all sectors : directions, professionals, teachers, childcare services. “Among the stakeholders contacted, the same proposal comes back constantly to help schools cope with the shortage of apprehension.

Employers and associations require Quebec to allow directors to work in the schools part-time, with no penalty on their pension.

They might as well train new directors or replace part-time.


  • Set Minimum to 56 years for retirement after 35 years of service. There is no minimum for the moment.
  • The plan will increase from 55 to 58 years of age required to be eligible under the ” factor of eligibility 90 “, that calculates the sum of age and years of service.
  • The penalty of the amount of the pension from 4 to 6 % for early retirement.

Source : Association québécoise du personnel de direction of the schools