The scientist told how the government uses the power resource to be loyal mayors in the presidential election

Today, Ukraine is the regionalization of Ukrainian politics, when ratings are more or less successful mayors in three to four times higher than the ratings of politicians at national level. In order to force the city heads to the model of political behavior that they “put everything on the altar of victory to the current President”, they need “hung on a hook” of criminal cases and problematic political situations.

About this magazine “Focus” in the “High pressure” said the head of the analytical center “Third sector” Andrei Zolotarev, commenting on an emergency meeting of the Council of judges of Ukraine where the Prosecutor General was accused of encroachment on the independence of the judiciary.

“This process was continued until the presidential election. Even those sociologists who are critical to Kernes, recognize that he is the mayor enjoying the biggest support. At the last local elections in 2015, when Kernes was elected mayor of Kharkiv from the party “Vidrodzhennya”, he received 65.8% of the votes of the citizens. Now, three years later, the level of support is around 70%. Even those who previously did not perceive it because of some political reasons, recognize that he is an effective mayor. Accordingly, for the government, which rolls down to the rate of cheap fat yogurt, it is very important to enlist the support of the mayor”, – says Andrey Zolotarev.

He also gave an assessment of judicial reform in Ukraine.

“The independence of the judiciary in Ukraine today – the thing is, to put it mildly, conventional. More specifically, we are still in the power of the telephone law and political pressure. And the situation around the trial judge’s Kernes is the only confirms. It eloquently demonstrates what is the advertised power of the judiciary reform. During the process, probably every law student would understand that the case was fabricated, direct evidence, no, etc. Please note that Kernes, who is wheelchair-bound, visited all 75 of the court, and 19 prosecutors are covered by the certificates of incapacity for work. If Poroshenko declared “life on-new”, the judicial reform was supposed to be the first and chief of all his reforms. It was necessary to exclude the factor of a customized solution, for the money and the calls, the government was itself to abandon the use of such a tool. For this we need political will, emanating from the first person. Until that happens, all the talk about judicial reform will talk,” added the analyst.

Recall, 10 August the judge of the Kyiv court of Poltava Andrey Antonov dismissed the case against Gennady Kernes, referring to the lack of interest by the prosecution. On the same day the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Anzhela Strizhevskaya called the motivation of the judge “absolute nonsense”, accused him of intentionally rendering an illegal decision and has threatened to open criminal proceedings against a judge. He Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in Facebook explained that the prosecutors were not present at the court session, as I was ill. He also wrote that the judge will be responsible for the manifestly unjust decision.

In response to statements of law enforcement bodies, the Council of judges of Ukraine 13 Aug gathered at its emergency meeting on which has accused of the GPU in the assault on the independence of the judiciary.

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