The scientists explained why it’s important to hold hands

Ученые объяснили, почему важно держаться за руки

When the people who are in a romantic relationship, holding hands, it relieves pain and sinhroniziruete brain activity, found researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder and the University of Haifa. The results were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to Paul Goldstein, head of research and studying of pain in the Laboratory for cognitive and effective neuroscience in boulder, the idea of this work came into his head when he tried to ease the sickness of the wife after childbirth.

“My wife was hurt, and I could think only one thing: how to help her? I took her by the hand and I think it helped. I wanted to test this in the lab: can a person really relieve pain through touch, and if so, how,” — says the expert.

To find the answer to this question, the experts invited the 22 heterosexual couples ranging in age from 23 to 32 years and played them a series of tests measuring brain activity under different circumstances: when partners just sit there when holding hands when they were in different rooms.

The same scenario was repeated when exposed to the hand of the woman the heat that causes a bit of pain. It turned out that exactly in those moments when partners touch each other, synchronize their brain waves reached a maximum, and the pain decreased.