The scientists found that the Earth is 5% consists of fragments of protoplanets

Scientists from the U.S. found that the Land for 5% consists of fragments of protoplanets. An article about the work of Simon MArchI and his colleagues published in Nature Geoscience.


In the South-West research Institute of Colorado scientists using computer simulated accretion late – early period in the history of the Earth when the Moon only formed about 4.5 billion years ago. Subsequently, the Ground was broken planetesimals – the germs of possible planets, with a diameter of grit to 3000 km.

It turned out that drawsin on the Ground “potential planet”, has a heavy iron core collapsed immediately. They took the mantle and moved deep into the Earth until, until faced with its center, increasing the mass of the earth’s core.

Before, it was believed that substances crashed planetesimals are evenly distributed in the earth’s mantle. It is supposed that today they make up 0.5% of the mass of the Earth.