The scientists found the warty fish “folding knife” in my cheek

Scientists from the USA studied several types of warty fish and found they have an amazing defensive ability is to release poisonous thorn from his cheek.

Warty is one of the most dangerous venomous predatory fish species. They live near the shores of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Located on the surface of their bodies multiple spikes contain a strong toxin that can lead to the death of a person for a couple of hours. While fish easily disguised as stones, for what it called “fish rock” and the thorns are able to pierce shoes.

Recently, biologists have identified representatives warty another mechanism to protect – spikes hidden in the cheeks. When in danger they move to the sides, thus scaring the enemy, or fish them hurts those who are trying to eat her. The movement of the ship run a little muscles.

One of the scientists reported that they worked with 5-6 families warty and resolved the issue with their classification.