The scientists told about the main baits for voters in the new political season

Ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections, in conditions of already started the election campaign, parties and candidates are ready to apply the most sophisticated techniques in order to please the voter. The course is everything – from salaries and pensions to corruption and even the environment. This is referred to in the material 112. ua “Populist myths and promises: How voters can protect themselves from pre-election manipulation”.

As journalists, in addition to the traditional “bread” for the opposition, before the election of the strongholds leak and not quite traditional topics.

“The same Yulia Tymoshenko is trying to lure young people with promises to eradicate corruption by using the blockchain. And the political party “people’s Force” as a campaign slogan the theme of ecology. She recently presented in Krivoy Rog its environmental programme, organized environmental protests in Mariupol, exaggerates the topic in mass media”, – stated in the material.

However, political strategists believe that not all ideas will work. For example, politicians have made the environment their pre-election trick, to go far on this topic fail.

“The environmental issue is relevant for rich countries, for whom the question of basic survival (as in Ukraine) is acute. Ecology generally no one cares in a country where important questions “will I be able to buy bread and pay for electricity,” said political analyst Sergei Gaidai.

In General elections, all politicians will be looking for chips that can respond to voters. The problem is that Ukraine is a few politicians with strong convictions and a political vision for which they would be ready even to die, says Sergei Gaidai: “90% of the Ukrainian politicians with only one idea — to come into power, because it’s well-being. This is an opportunity to protect the capital of their environment, to earn a ticket to the box class, which can earn one,” said hayday.

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