The season of black flies

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When the unknown amnesiac — a beautiful redhead who will be dubbed a Red — is found, it has the face ravaged by bites.

Here they are again ! After the success of the first season in 2017, the detective John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) and the recruit investigations, Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) team up again to unravel a plot deadly in the city invented to Algonquin Bay. Yet the Nordic black canadian, and it is frankly very good.


This time, the plot oscillates around a young woman found a bullet in the head. The unknown has miraculously survived, but no longer remembers nothing, neither his name nor the reason for his presence in the woods of northern Ontario.


There is no big divulgâchage in this information. The interest of the story lies in the investigation to find out who is this unknown and that he wanted to hurt. The method of the detective series, it is usually the path taken.


The new work will be completed in six episodes as the first season of Cardinal. The plot is still inspired by the great dark novels of Canadian Giles Blunt. The magazine Walrus has described Forty Words for Sorrow (Forty words for snow) — the first volume of the saga Cardinal, who gave the first adjustment to the tv as the ” best thriller of the canadian ever written “.


The second adaptation draws on the novel of the Black Fly Season, reflected in France in the Pocket under the titreSurgie of nowhere instead of” The season of black flies “, probably foolish out there, but so much more talking here.


Space and time

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The recruit investigations, Lise Delorme, is interpreted by Karine Vanasse.

Let’s go back to the flies. The infernal bloody find themselves at the center of the mechanical narrative. When the unknown amnesiac — a beautiful redhead who will be dubbed a Red — is found, it has the face ravaged by bug bites. In the book and in the first episode watched, the insects also provide clues as to the development.


Above all, the cruel diptera recall that it is now summer in Algonquin Bay, as the first story-snowy was in the middle of winter. In the novels by Giles Blunt, the seasons play almost the role of a central character. When you read these words, which will be used in part as inspiration for the third season as a Cardinal, takes place in the fall.


The changeover to the screen also performs very well this inking seasonal, flies included. As the first season seemed to be full of whites, with obvious inspiration from Edward Burtynsky, Jean-Paul Lemieux, as the new is full of water, greenery and bugs, this time with reminiscences of Tom Thomson. The contrast becomes even more evident in the aerial photography, a the workings the most exciting of this beautiful mechanical aesthetic always led by the impeccable Daniel Grou (Podz).


It is necessary well to say it : it really makes a lot of good to follow a story planted in the region, far from the city centres of Montreal or Toronto, in this country continent. Various facts, series presented this fall HERE on RC Tv, installed in the Laurentians, produced automatically have the same beautiful effect of surprise and contentment.


However, the translation of this new adventure, still in the ” Mid-Atlantic English “, is also amazing (and annoying) as the first payment. In this country, no one, especially not the police and the guys from base, does not speak in this manner smooth, clean, say radiocanadienne for short. It’s still a beast to shoot a series of canadian to the plate in its places and its characters, but not to talk about all this beautiful world to the canadian.


The taste of others

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The detective John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) seems all the more determined to help the young victim of an assassination attempt that she reminded him of the tragic end of the first season, with his daughter.

Let’s move on. We do not get bored and there is nothing to worry about Algonquin Bay, alter ego, invented in North Bay. Six months previously, Cardinal and Delorme hunted a couple of evil serial killers. In this summer of black flies, the duo launched on the tracks of an amnesiac is going to bump into bikers, drug pushers, and, finally, a villain guru cuban.


The thriller thrills, of course, it is even the main reason for its being. This thriller has a strong tension, and developments in narrative always end up on the crescendo, on ” cliffhangers “, as required by the model.


Similarly, as the demand for a certain canvas of the black novel, or a detective series, this adaptation-there is also interested in the life of the protagonists. We can not say that these stories that are more personal to develop a watermark or even in parallel. It has, for example, the impression that the deep depression of the very sensitive Catherine, wife of Cardinal, as the anxiety of their daughter Kelly to focus and expose the consequences of life in Algonquin Bay. The paternal detective seems to be all the more determined to help the young victim of an assassination attempt that she reminded him of the tragic end of the first season, when Kelly was found a revolver on the temple.


Some detective stories are used to expose the deviations deep of a corporation. The load door more fiercely when she attacked the worlds seemingly idyllic. Per Wahlöö and Maj Sjöwall, as their putative heir Henning Mankell, have consistently dismantled the myths of happiness scandinavian by making the crime a detective of Sweden contemporary.


Similarly, the duo Blunt/Grou exposes so to say behind the scenes, the units dark of the canadian model. This time, the great natural landscapes, lakes, rivers and huts in Canada (such as the one that wants to buy John Cardinal, that refuses his wife) hide from nasty monsters even more disturbing than the black flies.