The second “Warning to humanity”. Why 25 years had failed to solve the global problems?

Researchers from 184 countries urged to pay attention to the really important things.


On the pages of publishers BioScience has information about what experts in the field of ecology in honor of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the environmental Manifesto published the second “Warning to humanity”. So, in 1992, 1,700 researchers, particularly Nobel prize winners, signed a document “Warning to humanity, 1992.” The Manifesto calls for an end to lead a parasitic way of life on our planet, which involves exclusively consumer attitude to its resource base. “You want to radically change the management of the Earth and life on it, in order to avoid the enormous loss of life,” says BioScience. The main issues that were global to the entire planet is the depletion of the ozone layer, marine pollution, significant reduction of fresh water reserves, changes in the “biodiversity” of the animal and vegetable world, as well as the reduction of the area of forests. The most important point in the Manifesto was the issue concerning global warming.

Environmentalists warn that today humanity is on the verge of the processes that may be irreversible. Together with global environmental issues experts have identified as an important issue, the overpopulation of the Earth. In 1992, scientists predicted that if the number of inhabitants of our planet will increase by 2 billion people, this will mean a rise of 35% of the load to the Ground. The main “cure” this problem experts called the cessation of emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and cutting down forests. However, the researchers urged humanity to stop actively intervening in biodiversity of flora and fauna.


To draw attention to these global environmental issues 15 thousand scientists decided to once again sign a similar Manifesto entitled “Second warning”. Our editorial staff decided to do an analysis of why it is now necessary to pay attention to this issue. So, according to data published by BioScience, most of the announced 25 years ago, global problems not only not improved, but aggravated their situation. The only exception is the strengthening of the Earth’s ozone layer. The authors second Manifesto reported that the depletion of mineral resources, increase of greenhouse gas emissions (from burning fuels), reducing the territory of the “lungs of the Earth” (forests), as well as the extermination of the cattle are catastrophic. The last point is directly linked with overpopulation and meat consumption. According to preliminary data of experts, the continuation of consumer behavior of mankind, in 100 years the vast majority of species diversity will be on the verge of extinction. Already in 540 million years biodiversity will completely change its modern look, says the source.

The main cause of environmental and social threats is an intense and geographically uneven consumption of mankind. Today, the biosphere of the Earth “suffers” from the fact that population growth and the importance of the economy creates global problems. The inability to renew energy resources, to restore the ecosystem, pollution of the environment will lead to a decontamination and containment of invasive alien species on the planet.


Scientists pay attention to the public and, in particular, political leaders in pressure, which creates a business to maximize profits without taking into account the real environmental problems. Experts are encouraged to apply “moral imperatives” for present and future generations. “The time has come to rethink and to change our individual behaviour, including to limit our own reproduction (ideally to the level of substitution) and to drastically reduce the consumption per capita of fossil fuels, meat and other resources,” quoted the Manifesto BioScience.

Writes in today’s world there are positive moments in the issue of global change. In particular we are talking about the reduction of poverty and hunger. Due to the fact that during the last 25 years through investments in education, more women and girls received education, decreased fertility rate, writes Meanwhile, the main problem is the so-called “political behavior” of humanity, when on the state level officials “a blind eye” to the really important things, according to environmentalists.


What should I do?

Experts described a number of points, the implementation of which will allow humanity to solve global problems. In particular we are talking about cutting food costs, investments in restoring the natural resources of the planet, support for ecosystem projects, the decline in the birth rate, the increasing level of education among children at the international level to solve global problems of mankind.

“Working together, respecting the diversity of people, opinions and the need for social justice in the world, we will be able to achieve great success for the sake of humanity and the planet upon which we depend,” wrote representatives of the Alliance of world scientists.