The situation with the protection of Ukrainian sailors in recent years is deteriorating worldwide.

Ситуация с защитой украинских моряков в последние годы ухудшается по всему миру, - МИД

In recent years, the situation with Ukrainian sailors deteriorated significantly, particularly in Greece and Italy. This was announced by state Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrei Zayats during a briefing, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

For example, in Greece today, held 151 Ukrainian sailor, 108 of them convicted, including 98 persons for the transportation of illegal immigrants. A similar situation exists in Italy, where about 100 Ukrainian citizens convicted of illegal transportation of migrants.

“A month and a half ago in Greece was held consular consultations, visits to places of detention and negotiations with the Ministry of justice, General Prosecutor’s office, the planned conclusion of a bilateral agreement in order for the Ukrainian sailors who paroled in Greece, allow to return to Ukraine. Now the situation is this: after parole, they are in Greece, you can’t leave without means of subsistence. There is a great risk that they will be dragged into a new round of illegal activities to provide themselves with the means of existence,” said the Hare.

In addition, he said, last month managed to return to Ukraine 33 sailor – in particular the 12 members of the crew of the container ship Mekong Spirit, who was detained by the Greek police on may 25, 2017 on suspicion in transportation of military goods, and 15 sailors of the ship Free Neptunе that the summer of 2016 were in the Sultanate of Oman on Board this vessel because of the debt the payment by the shipowner of wages, 4 crew members of the vessel Gulf Pearl that is on the RAID near the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE) for the same reason, two sailors from the fishing vessel STS-50, detained in Indonesia.

According to international organizations BIMCO and ISF in 2015 to work in the foreign court got 69 thousand. Thus, Ukraine was in the top 6 of the largest suppliers of labour to the global shipping.

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