The Soulpepper Theatre announces the departure of its director general

Photo: Chris Young The canadian Press
Albert Schultz has promised to defend itself “vigorously” against allegations which he is accused.

Toronto — The company Soulpepper Theatre said on Saturday that he had cut ties with another of his executives and important cancelled an upcoming production, a few days after its artistic director and co-founder, Albert Schultz, had resigned in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him.


The troupe toronto has announced the departure of its executive director Leslie Lester, the wife of Mr. Schultz. It had already chose to go on voluntary leave after only four actresses had brought claims against her husband and the Soulpepper Theatre, last week.


These women claim to have been sexually harassed with impunity for years by Albert Schultz.


Albert Schultz has promised to defend itself “vigorously” against the allegations.


The production of the play Amadeus, which was to be directed by Mr. Schultz, has been cancelled.


The company claims not to have been aware of the allegations of misconduct against its co-founder, or against anyone. It adds that it has investigated last fall on the subject.


Soulpepper describes itself as the largest theatre company, a toronto-based non-profit, and Albert Schultz played a key role in his repertoire.