The sound of a double explosion over Area 51 in the United States was alarmed by the UFO researchers

UFO researchers believe that in Area 51 in the US government to hide evidence of visits to our planet representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Therefore, double the explosions rang out in the area, has excited ufologists.


Recently in the Network appeared videotapes, where you can hear the sound of a strange double explosions over the territory of the desert of Nevada. Ufologists immediately announced his theory of the origin of this strange phenomenon. According to researchers of UFOs, fighter jets flying over Area 51, can’t make those sounds. So, experts believe that the US government mask testing lethal devices, created on the basis of alien technology. Ufologists believe that such lethal machines can for a few seconds to be in space.

Recall that Area 51 is used by the US military to conduct various tests. It is closed for outsiders to get in there without special permission impossible.