The southerner said, what are the conditions prescribed in the bill about a car avtonomera to expedite customs clearance

Южанина рассказала, какие условия прописали в законопроекте об авто на еврономерах для ускорения растаможки

The draft law No. 8487 on customs clearance of cars on avtonomera provided the opportunity to pay half the excise tax during the first two months of the commencement of the new norms and 3/4 new bets during the third month. This was stated by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy Nina Southerner in the Parliament, the broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“To tax rates a factor of 0.5 – this means that what was adopted in the first reading in the case that the person actually wants and think about what will happen to customs clearance and pay the fees, they can pay only half rates. At the Committee meeting it was clear that this is the greatest thing you can do to establish new rates of excise tax, again to change them and put the factor of 0.5 in order to accelerate customs clearance,” said Nina Southerner.

She said that within 60 days will apply a factor of 0.5; during the third month is 0.75.

“And the remaining 90 days – because we have a common period of 180 days is at the new rate, but without applying penalties. I hope that everyone will be able rastavitsa,” – said the head of the profile Committee.

She admitted that the bills No. 8487, No. 8488 on customs clearance of cars on avtonomera and penalties for uncleared cars tomorrow will be considered in Parliament.

“If we now have the full tables, which I think will soon appear in the formatted form, we will have time,” said the Southerner.

Южанина рассказала, какие условия прописали в законопроекте об авто на еврономерах для ускорения растаможки

Recall, 13 July 2018, in the last plenary day of the last session of Parliament, MPs supported the basis for two bills that should solve the problem of uncleared cars on avtonomera in Ukraine. One of them proposes to introduce a new excise tax rates, the second is to increase the penalties for violations in the import of cars into Ukraine.

Since then, bills have been finalized for the second reading.

Meanwhile, on 22 October it became known that the Supreme Court overturned the decision on the penalty for using a car avtonomera, having considered the cassation claim of the individual to the customs for cancellation of which the plaintiff was convicted of committing a violation of customs regulations and fined 8, 5 thousand UAH. After some time in the Fiscal service stated that the use of uncleared vehicles is a violation of the law, in spite of such a precedent.

Kiev November 7, stopped in traffic because of the protests of car owners on avtonomera.

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