The Specialists Of Dr. Web found viruses in attachments from Google Play

In a number of applications, published on the trading Internet site on Google Play, Dr. Web was able to detect specific malicious programs that secretly from users sent their personal data to cyber criminals and unraveled different sites.


Experts from Dr. Web specializing in the development of advanced antivirus technologies, was able to identify specific malicious items in different applications, published in well-known trading platform Google Play. In the list of “infected” programs included such popular applications as Cartoon Racoon Match 3, Fast Cleaner Light, Bible Trivia, Make Money, Easy Backup and Restore, Band Game, Learn to Sing, Sweet Bakery Match. As part of these applications, experts have discovered a malicious module that has been used by attackers in order to load the victim’s phone address list, which will move the malware, increasing attendance sites.

Viral modules in these programmes are able to move at the right advertising links, from which the attackers make a profit. Dr. Web recommended to update the program or completely refraining from, preventing the loss of personal information.