The SPS is concerned about the presence of air guns

The Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) is concerned about the increasing presence of compressed air guns in its territory.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of calls from citizens saying they have received projectiles, says Samuel Ducharme, spokesman of the SPS.

A case of lead rifle attack was reported Thursday, but Ducharme can not confirm any information.

“We regularly receive complaints from citizens that they have been hit by projectiles,” he said.

“You can easily buy this kind of item in big-box stores. ”

According to Mr. Ducharme, we also notice that weapons, shot from lead or plastic balls, are often copies of pistols or assault rifles. “It can get very dangerous,” he said.

“The resemblance to a real weapon is striking. I’m afraid that someday something serious happens … We intervened as a result of robberies in which this type of weapon was used. ”

The SPS also receives calls from people who have seen a gun owner strolling on the sidewalk thinking it is a real rifle.

The leisure of “airsoft”, combat simulations with ball guns, is gaining momentum. This must be practiced in places specially designed for this type of activity, adds Samuel Ducharme.

The latter recommends that parents wishing to provide this kind of over-the-counter object to their children should be able to supervise their use. “You have to ask what the young person wants to do with it. It’s not something we bring to parks or school, “he says.

“You need protective equipment like goggles. ”

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