The SSF starts the Telus Cup on the wrong foot

(Quebec) The Blizzard of the Séminaire Saint-François started the Telus Cup tournament on the wrong foot on Monday. Defeat 2-1 for Quebec champions in their first game at the Canadian Midget AAA Hockey Championship.

“I did not like our game. I did not recognize our club! “Head coach Martin Laperrière said at the start of the game, after a setback against the Islanders of Cape Breton West. The Blizzard represents Quebec and the Islanders, the Atlantic provinces. It is in Prince George, in central BC, that the top six teams of players aged 15 to 17 in the country will make a master by Sunday.

“We had a slow start, as I expected. But we never found our usual execution, we did not have the speed we are supposed to have and when there were free rings, it was not us who went out with, “said the pilot, as List of the failures of his troop.

However, the Saint-Augustin-De-Desmaures-based team had the upper hand 35-28 in the shoot-outs. “Their guard did a good job, but they made it easy for him. Even in the third period [where his team dominated 11-7 on shots], we did not get so many chances of quality and our sneak around the net was not the same, “said Laperrière.

The SSF’s only goal came in the first-half mid-first hand to create the 1-1 tie. Then no achievement in three power games in the second twenty, while Cape Breton led 2-1. In addition to this lack of power for a Blizzard usually offensive, the defensive could have been tightened, agrees Laperrière. “An error on their first goal and two on the second,” he said.

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True that his flock did not touch the pillow until about 3:30 in the night of Saturday to Sunday, when they arrived on the west coast. True, they had not trained since leaving Quebec. “But we should have found a way to be able,” said the boss. His assistants and he prepared their players in the detailed menu for each of the five opponents.

“We had never played against them, but we know them and they did not give us anything special,” said Laperrière, saying he did not feel his nervous protégés. “But it seems that this preparation has not given anything. We should have concentrated more on our club. “A man of confidence in front of the cage, Philippe Gaudreault made 26 saves.

Do not panic, though. There are still four more games in four days in the preliminary round. Beginning Tuesday’s clash against the Central Zone champions, the Mississauga Rebels, who defeated Regina’s Pat Canadians on Monday to a 5-2 draw. Some see Mississauga among the favorites with the host team, the Cariboo Cougars.

Laperrière recalled, however, that Cape Breton West was to be among the weakest clubs in the tournament. “But I did not find them too weak. It’s played on the ice, “he concludes with a cliché more circumstance than ever. The first four teams in the standings at the end of the round robin play in the semi-finals.