The star of the show “I” after the divorce he began to show interest in Olga Buzova

The star of the series “Sashatanya” Andrew Hagolan after the official end of the divorce proceedings began to show interest in the presenter and aspiring singer Olga Buzova. That idea subscribers have brought the joint is quite “intimate” in the account Giulana in the social network Instagram.


Divorce Giulana aroused great interest to his many fans, which only intensified in recent events. The actor participating in the recording of the Christmas program called “karaoke Star”, was captured on camera in the arms of Olga Buzova, which, according to some followers, not confused and decided to get “a free and promising one”.

In turn Hagolan quite flattering about the presenter, dubbed her such epithets as “diva” and “a wonder” and looked happy in the pictures where Buzova gently hugged him from behind.