The state Department has helped Ukraine to find a stolen three and a quarter billion dollars

The US state Department has informed that Ukraine, with their help, managed to find the stolen from the Ukrainian Treasury is 3.24 billion dollars. While in the foreign office of the United States emphasizes that the assistance was provided in the framework of the program for the support of a large number of States in the fight against corruption.


It turned out that the US helped Kiev to withdraw $ 1.3 billion in cash, which helped the discovery of 3.24 billion. With the help of the American side in the NEB (National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine) made 108 indictments and opened 333 criminal cases. It is noted that worked on the preparation of documents collaborating with NABU experts from the United States.

At the same time, the European Union in the face of Federica Mogherini, head of the diplomatic service of the EU, calls on Ukrainian authorities not to undermine the faith of ordinary Ukrainians in the effectiveness of anti-corruption fight. The statement said that the fight against corruption is a key factor in the development of EU cooperation with Ukraine. As disclosed in the Prosecutor’s office the facts about the revealed cases of corruption, according to Mogherini, hardly contribute to this. Here we are talking about the detention of Ukrainian official caught on a bribe, which he tried to give special agent NABU.