The state Duma has specified how the media-registered as foreign agents are not allowed in the building

The representative of the Russian State Duma Vice-speaker Peter Tolstoy released information regarding the media who are not eligible for entry into the building due to the recognition of their foreign agents.


The Ministry of justice of Russia today, December 6, included in the official list of registered as a foreign agent of the nine media representatives, which included: “Pictograph”, “Crimea.Reality,” radio “Liberty”, “Idel.Realities”, “Voice of America”, TV channel “Real time”, “Caucasus.Realities”, Azaltiq Orthodox radio of St. Petersburg, as well as “Siberia.Realities”. It should be noted that accreditation under the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has managed to obtain only “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America” that gives these media to visit the building of the state Duma of Russia.

The head of the Duma Committee regarding the regulations Olga Sevastyanov added that this decision is due to the return mirror action, it was not intended to limit the freedom of expression of journalists from other countries.