The state foods and consumer service beginning customs clearance of sheep for a few weeks stood at the port

Госпродпотребслужба начала растаможку овец, несколько недель простоявших в порту

The state foods and consumer service started registration of documents for customs clearance of sheep, who a few weeks stood at the port after the return of the Turkish side. This was reported by the press service of the gpsu.

Specialists of the South-West of the regional service state veterinary and sanitary control and supervision on state border and transport has begun the procedure of registration of documents.

According to the request of the representative of the owner after importation the animals are going to be placed in quarantine area, which is located in Odessa region.

During a meeting with animal rights activists, the first Deputy Chairman of Gospodarevskaya Andrei Zhuk informed that the state foods and consumer service announced an internal audit of the situation with the return of the sheep, which were exported to Turkey. With this purpose was created a working group currently is working on the generalization of the results. The decision on the measures taken by results of check will be announced on 12 November 2018.

As reported, on October 6 sheep crossed the state border in the mode of “export” in Turkey from sea port “Black sea” (Odessa region). On 12 October they were returned back, because the Turkish side did not accept the cargo.

After some time in the state foods and consumer service said that 300 sheep, which for more than two weeks were in a closed truck in the port of Odessa region, disposed, as they may be carriers of particularly dangerous animal diseases. There’s also noted that on the territory of Turkey are registered outbreaks of dangerous animal diseases such as foot and mouth disease, smallpox of sheep, etc., and in Ukraine there is a ban on imports from this country susceptible to a specified disease animals, products and raw materials from them.

On Saturday, October 27, the animal was taken to the Tulchin branch of the SE “Ukrmednet” in Vinnytsia region.

On the fact of cruel treatment of sheep, which for two weeks kept in the black sea port of Odessa oblast police opened criminal proceedings.

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