The state of Vladimir Baloga worsens, it want translate into a punishment cell – Chiygoz

Состояние Владимира Балуха ухудшается, его хотят перевести в карцер, - Чийгоз

The state of the Ukrainian political prisoner Vladimir Baloga, who is on hunger strike for 167 days has deteriorated significantly. This was stated by Deputy head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz on his page in Facebook.

“I night said that Mr Baloch a very bad feeling. Also said that it wants to send to the brig,” he said.

As reports “gromadske” with the words Chiygoza, Balaju present violations allegedly due to violations of the hunger strike.

At the moment Baluch contained in a common cell of the detention center of Simferopol.

Earlier relatives of Ukrainian Vladimir Baloga said that he lost 35 kg. currently his weight is 60 kg.

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