The struggle for the agenda, the unions and the return of confidence of the electorate: political Analyst told what to expect from parliamentary elections

Борьба за повестку дня, союзы и возвращение доверия электората: Политолог рассказал, чего ожидать от парламентских выборов

Ahead of parliamentary elections in 2019, the political parties will fight for the agenda, to join unions and to return trust of the electorate. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

“The key issues that will decide the candidates that will fight for the agenda, it is fundamentally different in power and the opposition. The government is trying to say about the reforms, bitwise, humanitarian issues. The opposition is trying to say about war and peace, of corruption and improve living standards, i.e. to lift more mundane questions. The second aspect is to overcome political and social exclusion. Today, the power and position combine high anti-ratings. In order to restore the confidence of the electorate, it is necessary to go to some bold, decisive and unpleasant actions. Third, it is a question of alliances and external support, primarily the US and the EU. Who will have this support will have significant advantages in the election campaign”, – he said.

Answering the question, whether between the parties mudslinging fight, Bortnik said that “a war of compromising materials is inevitable.”

Note that the next presidential elections in Ukraine must pass in the spring of 2019. A number of Ukrainian politicians have already announced their desire to run for President.

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