The student who claimed the threats from the officer of national police Varchenko, apologized to him and his family

Student Natalia, Buraco, which claimed the threats from the officer of national police Varchenko, apologized to him and his family. She wrote about this on his page on Facebook, writes “UNIAN”.

“I am very ashamed. I Bureiko Natalia, wrote a publication about the threats from the Alexander Varchenko on the social network Facebook, do not understand the situation and not realizing his actions,” wrote a student.

The student indicated that they wanted to protect themselves, but harm others. Boreyko noted that I had no moral right, there is no reason to believe that she was threatened by it Varchenko.

“I was the victim of a cynical provocation against Alexander and his wife. I admit that the account has been created by hackers from Russia to discredit officials of the National police and the State Bureau of investigation”, – stated in the post.

The girl also apologized Varchenko and members of his family.

“Alexander Varchenko and his civil wife are decent people. I’m ashamed that I became a victim of a Scam and have unwittingly participated in this dirty media campaign,” added Buraco. She asked reporters not to bother her, her family and police family Varchenko, noting that further review will not.

Previous posts, in which she spoke about harassment and threats, have now disappeared from the profile.

We will remind that on November 7, the Facebook account of Natalia, Buraco there was a post with allegations against an employee of the national police Alexander Varchenko sexual harassment after they met via the app Tinder. The man allegedly insisted on an intimate relationship, and after refusal began to threaten with physical violence. Varchenko assured that has nothing to do with the threats, Buraco.

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