The Team Denis Coderre missed his name change

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The party’s interim leader, Lionel Perez

The party Team Denis Coderre Montreal failed in its attempt to change the name. The training policy of the former mayor has delayed too long before booking his new name, ” Movement in Montreal “, with the Director general of elections of Quebec (DGEQ), and has been taking speed.


On the 11th of December last, the leader of the opposition, Lionel Perez, unveiled the new name of the party, ” Movement in Montreal “, in the presence of the elect of his training. Except that at the time of making the announcement, the new name had not been reserved in the office of the DGEQ, the first step before to officially register a name.


Former candidate of the Bloc Pot, Guillaume Blouin-Beaudoin has decided to go ahead and reserve the name itself. “When it comes to policy, I think one of the first things to master, it is the electoral law. I think they showed a bit of disdain. I wanted to denounce it, ” he explained to the Duty.


He also wanted to demonstrate that the former ruling party of Denis Coderre was ” disorganized “. “The machine is not badly weakened since the elections,” he said.


Mr. Blouin-Beaudoin, who has presented a few opportunities on the Montreal city council to question the elected, does not preclude the possibility of creating a political party. “But I have not done this gesture for, in four years, to become mayor of Montreal “, has he supported.


The name Movement Montreal is booked with the DGEQ until 20 June 2018.


Lesson learned


The opposition party must therefore find a new name. “But this does not affect our determination to defend the citizens of Montreal and to monitor the administration in place, as we have done since the beginning,” said Lionel Perez by way of a press release.


The director of communications at office of the opposition, the Roman Bédard, indicates that the elected representatives could choose one of the other names being considered by the party. The new name could be unveiled at the beginning of January. But this time, the party will ensure that the name is reserved with the DGEQ before the disclose, has assured Mr. Bédard.