The tech giants to the aid of the “Net neutrality”

Photo: Damien Mayer Agence France-Presse
Several prosecutors should launch in the near future application, in particular in the States of Washington and New York.

Washington, dc — The organization the Internet Association, which counts among its members giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, will participate in the prosecution against the end of the ” Net neutrality “.


The federal communications Commission (FCC), regulator american sector, decided in mid-December to the end of this principle, which obliges Internet service providers (ISPS) to treat all online content the same way.


Without giving detail, the Internet Association has hinted that it would intervene in the appeal that prosecutors should launch soon, particularly in the States of Washington and New York.


Michael Beckerman, president of the organization, of which Amazon is also a member, has estimated that the FCC’s decision ” goes against the will of a majority bipartisan Americans and fails to preserve a free and open Internet “.


“With the groups that are our members, [the association] will continue to exert pressure to restore legislative protections strong and enforceable Net neutrality “, he added.


The supporters of the “neutrality” fear that the ISP will be tempted to pay more for faster data speeds or block certain services to competition, such as video on demand, Internet telephony or the search engines.


The debate on the subject, very sharp, lasts for a decade in the United States.


The FCC has considered that the principle of neutrality was an obstacle to investment. With this decision, “we are restoring the freedom of the Internet” and “we’re helping consumers and competition,” said Ajit Pai, its president.


No appeal could be filed until the commission directive was published, which is the case since this week. Parliamentarians have also taken initiatives to invalidate the decision of the FCC.