The Titans erased a delay of 18 points and beat the Chiefs 22-21

Photo: Charlie Riedel Associated Press
The Titans have crowned their series of offensive with a touchdown of 35 yards Derrick Henry.

Kansas City — Marcus Mariota helped his team register three touchdowns in the second half and the Titans of Tennessee have cleared a backlog of 18 points to beat the Chiefs in Kansas City, 22-21, on Saturday, in the first knockout round of the American Association.


Mariota threw two touchdowns, including one to himself, and for 205 yards to lead the Titans to their first win in the series in 14 years. The young quarterback has spotted Eric Decker to a major 22-yard drive that gave the lead to the Titans while he remained a little more than six minutes in the match.


“It is very special, said Mariota. I am part of a great team. This is a group of players who believe in each one of them and it is something special to live. I look forward to the next week. “


The Titans will compete with the Patriots of New England or Pittsburgh Steelers.


Derrick Henry has tallied 156 yards rushing and a touchdown for the Titans, whose defensive has not allocated any points to Alex Smith and the Chiefs in the second half.


For the Chiefs, it is another defeat difficult to digest. They have not won a playoff game at home since January 1994.


“I’m in shock, mentioned Smith. The change of direction of the half-time the last whistle, it’s definitely a shock. I don’t think we played to the level at which we are capable and this is disappointing. “


Smith got 264 yards through the air, and he threw two touchdowns. The majority of its gains have occurred in the first half, and he has not been able to maintain the pace. The Chiefs were facing a fourth attempt and nine yards by the end of the game, but the pass from Smith was not controlled.


While the Titans were trying to run out the last seconds of the game, Henry has escaped the ball following a race. The linebacker of the Chiefs Derrick Johnson grabbed the object and brought it back into the end zone, but a video replay showed that Henry had been plated before losing the ball.


The Titans have let that slip the last few seconds to realise their improbable victory.


The Chiefs began the duel with the aplomb that allowed them to finish the campaign with four wins on.


Kareem Hunt, the rusher who amassed the most yards in the NFL this season, dived over a distance of a yard to make it 7-0 Chiefs. Smith then combined its efforts with those of Travis Kelce for a touchdown of 13 yards and one quarter of the Chiefs threw a touchdown to Demarcus Robinson before the end of the half, bearing the mark to 21-3.


The Titans, however, have rebounded in the second half, when Mariota has seen its going to be folded by Darrelle Revis, but the ball is income directly in the hands of the quarter, which plunged into the endzone to close the gap.


“You have to believe that I was in the right place at the right time,” said Mariota, a smile.


After an attempt at a placement failed the kicker the Chiefs Harrison Butker, the Titans capped off a nice series of offensive with a touchdown of 35 yards of Henry.


“This is only a question of character, confessed to Henry about the rise of his team. You must believe in all your team-mates. We were firing back against them last year and we came in from the back. We used to say that he had 30 minutes to this match and that we had to succeed our games. “


In the end of the game, Mariota threw a great pass to Decker, who has possession of the ball even if it was well monitored.


Only two teams in NFL history have managed to erase a delay of at least 18 points in a preliminary meeting abroad. The Cowboys had made the coup to the San Francisco 49ers, in December 1972, while the Detroit Lions had achieved the feat against these same 49ers, in December 1957.