The Toronto-based whistleblower-chair went to the police

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The young woman of 19 years who threw a chair above a highway in Toronto went to the police Wednesday morning.

The whistleblower-a chair, a resident of the Queen City, would have been accused of any wrongdoing, putting lives in danger, mischief causing property damage and public nuisance.

Marcella Zoia would have made it-even in a police station in the metropolis of ontario to 7 am on Wednesday morning.


A video released a few days ago on Instagram shows the young woman in the process of launching a folding chair from a balcony above the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. The chair then makes a fall of several floors before crashing to the ground.

Fortunately, nobody would have been injured. It would not be uncommon to see people throwing objects from their balconies on the highway.


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