The transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem glowed relations in the middle East

Перенос посольства США в Иерусалим накалил отношения на Ближнем Востоке

The transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem glowed relations in the middle East
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Photo: TASS

Many countries will not rush to repeat the decision of Washington.

During the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that this step will bring the peace in the region between Israelis and Palestinians. But everything happened exactly the opposite – instead of the world situation more and more heated and threatened to become a new Palestinian intifada (“uprising” for independence – ed.) against Israel. The Palestinians believe that East Jerusalem should be the capital of a Palestinian state.

World in the near future is not expected

Only on the opening day of the us Embassy in clashes between protesting Palestinians and Israeli army in the Gaza strip killed 58 people and about 3 million were injured.

“Representatives of the Palestinian Ministry of health said that the demonstrators were killed and wounded in the shooting from the fighting weapon, the use of tear gas and other means,” writes Reuters.

The United States accused in a large number of victims of Hamas and said that “Israel has right to defend itself”. In the European Union, which initially opposed the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer of embassies from tel Aviv, called on the parties to show restraint. And at the initiative of Kuwait, the situation on the Gaza border urgently to discuss the UN security Council.

But now the US and Israel have alienated a significant portion of the Islamic world. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel “a terrorist state”.

“What Israel is doing is genocide,” he said and added that Ankara would continue to support Palestine. Erdogan also noted that on may 15 in Turkey, declared three days of national mourning in connection with the clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army.

The Turkish President did not confine themselves to words and said the recall of Turkish ambassadors from the United States and Israel.

“We withdrew our ambassadors from Washington and tel Aviv for consultations. We are convening an emergency summit of the Organization of Islamic cooperation. We also offer an emergency meeting of the UN security Council. We will hold negotiations with many leaders,” Erdogan said.

“Bloody Monday became the latest proof that trump’s new policy towards Palestine carries a huge risk. A peaceful solution to the conflict seems more distant than ever. Trump has provided full support to the policy of continuous dramatization, escalation and humiliation of the Palestinians, pursued by Netanyahu. The world in the near future is not expected”, – writes the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

The transfer of the embassies of other countries in Jerusalem postponed

The aggravation of the situation in the middle East may lead to that the call by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and to the other States to move its Embassy to Jerusalem will remain unheard.

Arabic broadcaster “al Jazeera”, which headquarters is in Qatar, supporting the main enemy of Israel – Iran, is what is called, gave a “black mark” to those countries whose representatives were present at the opening ceremony of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. The Arabic TV channel in the infographic noted on the world map all those countries that is very similar to the instructions of Islamic fundamentalists. This card is andukraine.

And now our country will have to choose between the US, Israel and the complication of relations with the Arab world. But Ukrainian authorities will have to respond to the call of Israel to move Embassy to Jerusalem. But it is fraught with complications not only with Arabic, but with the entire Muslim world. Yet the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said nothing about the intent of the transfer of the Embassy from tel Aviv Yves Jerusalem.

Expert opinion

Bohdan Yaremenko, diplomat:

– Before acceptance of the decision of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs have to think very carefully and do not rush. Now there are at least two problems associated with the transfer of the Ukrainian Embassy to Jerusalem. The first level of our relationship with Israel. That is, you need to decide whether it is our strategic partner, calls which we can’t ignore.

The second problem is the level of capabilities for the transfer of the Embassy. It is difficult from a financial point of view and security. After all, Ukraine is in Jerusalem has no Consulate, and all need to do from scratch. Will the government of Israel to guarantee the transfer of our Embassy security from the Arab radicals?

What the Western press writes

The New York Times

“The stunning contrasting shots Monday – impeccably-dressed Israelis and Americans are happily applauding at the new Embassy in Jerusalem, while Israeli soldiers shoot and shoot tear gas at crowds of Palestinian protesters in Gaza – reflect the complexity of their tasks.”

“Footage of the bloodshed became a sobering reminder that a revolution in foreign policy, as he calls trump, only complicates the prospects for peace in the middle East.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Peace in Palestine will not come until until the Palestinians recognize that Israel will continue to exist. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel and its prosperity in a thriving democracy is one of the wonders of the last century”.