The trial Lesik on the merits has not begun, and the court again postponed

The next session on business of the Deputy of Kharkiv city Council 6 and 7 convocations Andrew Lesik moved it once again the victims were not employees of the SBU in the beating of which he is accused, reported the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

In addition, the matter annexed of the charges of separatism, the reason was the census in the social network a few years ago.

Consideration of the merits has not begun, continued meetings on motions and measure. He Lesik considers this criminal case by the political order.

“Employees of SBU, the victims in this case, do not comply with their procedural obligations, not appearing again in a row. I saw how the years cases are in the courts and nothing happens. Today’s meeting once again showed that the Prosecutor’s office and SBU engaged in a sham, an imitation of intense activity, in fact to make any accusations they can’t help me,” – says Lesyk.

Рассмотрение дела Лесика по существу так и не начали, а заседание суда опять перенесли

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