The tuners from Manhart have learned to cope with off-road crossover BMW X6 M

The German tuners from Atelier Manhart prepared BMW X6 M is the most difficult off-road conditions. New product called MHX6 Dirt2 will show to the public at a special event in Essen.


Under the hood of a truck mounted 4.4-litre 8-cylinder engine, capable of generating 900 horsepower, with 1 200 Nm. For comparison, the base X6 M is equipped with a 575-horsepower engine. Tuning the car got pistons and rods, new turbochargers, carbon air intake and sport exhaust system.

In addition, the SUV boasts leptomonas suspension, revised transmission, more effective brake system, winch, snorkel, a protective body shell, led optics on the roof, underbody protection steel plates and mount the spare wheel. “Shod” car in 21-inch wheels with tires BF Goodrich dimensions 305×40.


To date, MHX6 Dirt2 remains a prototype, but the tuners are going to run a limited production car in the near future. In total it is planned to create five SUVs with a price tag of 395 000 euros. A single instance will take about six to eight months.