The twelve fictions in québec, that have marked the year 2017

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
Audrée Wilhelmy gives life to a universe full of sap and silence.

The choice of Christian Desmeules



The body of the beasts
Audrée Wilhelmy (Leméac)

In the shadow of a lighthouse and the rhythm of the tides, Mie, twelve years old, can “borrow” at will the body of mammals, birds or insects. It is his way to satisfy in secret, his curiosity for a world much wider than the horizon. With this third novel, Audrée Wilhelmy gives life to a universe without such a full of sap and silence, sensuous, and without a moral, where a language beautiful is helping to feed the enchantment.

The beast digs
Christophe Bernard (Le Quartanier)

Believing in a ” conspiracy of pieces of string “, obsessed by the History and by the past, a Montreal believes that a curse strikes his family rooted in the baie des Chaleurs, in Gaspésie. Back to the roots and diving ethyl in the mythology of the village and crap, the first novel of Christopher Bernard is a monster of paper difficult to summarize, served by a creative writing with surgical precision. Masterful and poorly polished.

The devouring of the fairies

Catherine Lalonde (Le Quartanier)

For the language inconvenient and the breath of freedom which issues from the tyranny of the real, let yourself be carried away by the adventures of Lil ‘and her rejection of a life of a woman” made of blood and water dishes “. For his fourth book, Catherine Lalonde — also a journalist’s Duty — sign here a work is difficult to classify, between fantastic account which haunts and which sounds, antiroman of the terroir and poetry feminist. To be read aloud.

My sister the huntress
Philippe Arseneault (Quebec America)

Novelist to success and a law professor in a chinese university for the past 15 years, Roé Léry returned briefly to Quebec, where he will find himself mixed up in a tangle around the heart of Jeanne Mance. Exercise of detestation national full of irony and biting, fable fantastic and treaty except in love, My sister, the huntress, the second novel of Philippe Arseneault (Zora, a conte cruel) gleefully combines the genres and subjects. Provocative as hell.


The choice of Fabien Church

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
Stéfanie Clermont publishes news in the right tone.

Olivier Kemeid (Gaia)

That is great, it is the word of the playwright, first-time novelist, blowing like the winds in a large sail, its narrative following a wave movement, a swell, to evoke the destiny as unique as it is tragic in the Norwegian navigator Peter Tangvald. Form and substance in symbiosis, the women who have crossed his life tell it, in an intimacy that is placed between the enclosed space and freedom, between flight and quest for the absolute. The non-conformism is wrecked in an incredible romantic dash.

Shoot down the beast
David Goudreault (Stanké)

It is a novel, rebellious to the rough language, a social portrait sketched in ink acid that cannot be lost or in the formalities or in propriety, and which follows the trials and tribulations of a monster leak the violence, the stupidity, the idleness is shared by his time. Vulgar and smart, raw and with a cynicism totally mastered, this killing concludes a trilogy that leaves his fiction to exacerbate the brutality to reveal what the real deals.

The game music
Stéfanie Clermont (Quartanier)

A hanged man, one day, in August, at the end of Ontario street, ” on the other side of the tracks “, sets free the inner voice of those who have experienced it and place these women face in their daily lives without a dream, their future, without a soul, where their existence does not dare to ask the questions that save lives. Finely connected to each other, the new, the right tone, the dialogue strong, they weave a portrait of an era in which too much freedom ends up being the vector of the failure, paralysis, and blindness that awaits her drama to make shake.

Great mowing inside
Stéphanie Filion (Boreal)

The title borrows from the vocabulary of judo to evoke a fall caused by an imbalance, a fall that a woman from Montreal, weakened by two dramas, will try to avoid thus far in his life, in Lebanon. The staging of the beyond hangs over this introspective tone lascivious, and soft light. It is the story of a rebuild, shedding life-saving, to an encounter with the self, carried by the elegance of a feather that moulds to here a first novel.


The choice of Dominic Late

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
Jean-François Caron and the “real” business

Wood stand
Jean-François Caron (The Tribe)

Oppose the proverbial real life to the one found between the pages of the books remains a reflex-too-common in the heart of this country depicting yet often the intellectual in despicable pelleteux of clouds (or ball and chain-social). In order to spare his son the shame that has one-day rise in him her own life as a reader, a father tries (in vain) to instill in the mind of the child a disgust for literature and all that it represents. With this third novel, lucid and upsetting, Jean-François Caron speaks, for real, for real (!) business.

The embalmer
Anne-Renée Curd (Heliotrope)

A father tells of his former life of a funeral director to his daughter, who takes notes. Visit the antechamber of death, this book murky, improbable and sometimes hilarious, layer its highest quality on a good number of parent-child relationships : it is in the silences, valuable and many of her writing that Anne-Renée Curd us the most. Between poetry and journalism of the intimate, The embalmer embodies brilliantly the salutary desire for a pan of our literature, preferring now to desert the beaten path of the traditional roman.

Small wool
Amélie Panneton (Editions of Your Mother)

Little wool is, in appearance, a soft, wandering between the streets of Saint-Roch district under the yoke sneaky of gentrification and urban, in the company of inventrices of the knit-graffiti. But beyond this issue of a unique, intriguing it is the part necessarily fictional memories that contemplates Amélie Panneton in this first novel of a sparkling. How three women can remember a friendship in three different ways ? Long before Donald Trump became president, the human memory was already generating amount of fake news.

Peggy in the headlights
Marie-Ève Lacasse (Flammarion)

“If you realize at the end of this novel, we will get married. “Thank warmly the wife of Marie-Ève Lacasse him for having launched similar ultimatum. Back after having published two novels under the pseudonym of Clara Ness, and then be eclipsed a little bit too long for that we do not worry, the Quebec moved to Paris and dig up the margins of a biography of Françoise Sagan’s the discreet figure, and the right of Peggy Rock, his constant companion. Without obliterating the many dark parts, it offers this exhilarating story of unconditional love a writing with elegance, and just as heady.