The U.S. Senate allowed the allies to buy weapons from Russia

Сенат США разрешил союзникам покупать оружие у России

The U.S. Senate voted in favor of changes to existing legislation that allow the President not to include in the sanctions list of the allies of the United States, procuring weapons from Russian manufacturers. It is reported RFE/RL.

Their votes for the law gave 87 senators vs was 10.

Since the earlier document was already approved by the House of representatives, for entry into force, it remains only to obtain the signature of the President of the United States Donald trump.

A request for such a law was left by the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis. During his speech he stated that Russia “should pay for its aggressive and destabilizing behavior,” however, under the impact should not be exposed to countries with which the United States establishing a connection.

Thus, confident in the Pentagon, the amendments will be useful for the United States and allies, however, will not be beneficial for Russia.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, in turn, expressed concern that the changes would weaken US pressure on Russia.

As a reminder, under current law, the risk of sanctions is exposed to any country that acquires weapons from Russian companies.

Earlier, the U.S. Senate introduced a bill with the new package of sanctions against Russia.

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