The U.S. Senate approved Gina was Haspel to head the CIA

Сенат США утвердил Джину Хаспел на пост главы ЦРУ

The U.S. Senate approved Gina was Haspel to head the CIA
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Have haspel and Pompeo. Photo: DEBKAfile

53 senators voted in favor of her candidacy, 45 against. Thus Haspel secured the seat of the head of the CIA.

The U.S. Senate approved the nomination of Gina has Haspel for the post of Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA). This was reported by “Interfax”.

The nomination was voted Haspel 53 of 100 senators voted against 45. Before the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate approved the nomination was Haspel. Thus, it is guaranteed to get the job.

Haspel was appointed Director of the CIA Donald trump. Her opponents immediately accused the woman in the practice of torture of prisoners in secret CIA prison in Thailand, where she had directed.

During a hearing of the Senate Committee, Haspel many times said that the CIA will return to the practice of torture against prisoners in its prisons.

The former head of the CIA, one of the ardent “hawks” in the political field USA Mike Pompeo, in may became head of Gosdepartamenta USA.

Have haspel ran a covert prison in Thailand

This story became known from the report of Amnesty International about human rights violations in the world-2017/18. In this document, human rights defenders recalled the year 2002. According to the organization, Haspel then directed the CIA headquarters in Thailand, which included a secret prison. It is in this prison were allegedly tortured several people who were kidnapped by us intelligence agencies.

The most notorious was the case of Abu Zubaydah, who 83% tortured in a secret CIA prison in Thailand. In June 2017, the European centre for constitutional rights and human rights even appealed to the authorities of Germany with a request to issue a warrant for the arrest Haspel on suspicion of torture.