The U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions against some Russian individuals and companies due to the cooperation with the DPRK

Минфин США ввел санкции против ряда российских физлиц и компаний из-за сотрудничества с КНДР

The Ministry of Finance of the USA today, August 21, expanded sanctions list. It included two citizens of the Russian Federation, six Russian cargo ships and three Russian and one Slovak company. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry.

Physical and legal entities was included in the list because of their activity in cyberspace and because of their ties with North Korea. Thus, in cooperation with the DPRK on the list were the shipping company “Hudson” and Primorye Maritime Logistics, both registered in Vladivostok. It is in the ownership of these companies is the ship “Patriot” included in the “North Korean” sanctions list.

Besides him, the list also stated the court, “bell”, “Partisan”, “Neptune”, “Sevastopol” and “hero”.

“The sanctions are directed against overload from one vessel to another refined petroleum products”, – emphasized in the United States.

In addition, because of their actions in cyberspace under sanctions Vela-Marine dealing with professional equipment and equipment for divers. Sanctions against the company and against two citizens of the Russian Federation, Marina Tsareva and Anton Nagibina, as well as the Slovak company Lacno, was introduced in order “to resist attempts to circumvent US sanctions”.

Earlier, the US imposed sanctions against the company and one individual from the Russian Federation for cooperation with the DPRK. In addition to the changes in Russia in the sanctions list of the U.S. Treasury touched one Chinese and one Singaporean company.

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