The Ukrainian army has entered the top ten in Europe, according to Business Insider

Украинская армия вошла в десятку сильнейших в Европе по версии Business Insider

Business Insider compiled a ranking of the strongest armies of Europe, which took into account factors such as geography, logistics, natural and industrial resources, the diversity and numbers of weapons and equipment, amount of manpower, the development of the country in General, and others.

According to the publication, Ukraine’s military budget 4.88 billion dollars, 1.1 million personnel, 2214 tanks, 240 military aircraft, of which 29 fighters, and 25 naval vessels provided a Mat 10-th place in the ranking. The notch was Greece, which is almost two times lower than in Ukraine in the number of tanks and personnel, however, has 189 fighter jets and military budget of $ 6.5 billion.

The strongest European army was recognized by Russia. Second place was taken by France, rounded out the top three in the UK.

At last, the 25 th place of the rating was Belgium.

As a reminder, in Norway on October 25 began the strategic doctrine of NATO, “a Single Trident – 2018” (Trident Juncture 2018), the largest since 2002. They will last until 7 November. They involve all kinds of armed forces, 45 thousand troops, 10 thousand vehicles, 150 aircraft and 70 ships from 31 countries. Simultaneously, to the West of the area of the Trident Juncture from 1 to 3 November, was held missile exercises of the Navy of the Russian Federation. The fact of their holding, the newspaper underlines, highlights once again the tensions in Europe, the region that hosts the most powerful armed forces the world according to Global Firepower 2018.

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