The Ukrainian Embassy in the USA: on our behalf making calls to American officials

Посольство Украины в США: От нашего имени совершают звонки американским чиновникам

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington, Valeriy Chaly said in a Facebook information about the attacks on the Embassy, in particular the “fake calls” from its name to its American partner.

“I must inform friends about the extension of the system to the use of elements of the information war against Ukraine on the territory of the United States. Have over the last week, more evidence of the attacks on the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA,” he wrote.

In particular, recorded attempt to go on the governors to organize provocations. The latest example was the “failure of attempts to reach the mayor of San Francisco,” which were professionally exposed, as well as the conversation with the mayor of Sebastopol (California) “the fake Ambassador of Ukraine”, which, alas, has taken place.

As a reference for individuals interested in disrupting the work of the Embassy, Chaly wrote in Russian: “We understand your goals and the scale of the resources involved. Know that you are not going to stop this systematic attack. Therefore, the more actively we work in the United States, defending the national interests of our country and strengthening the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the USA”.

Earlier the Embassy was warned about fakes. On behalf of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly had received “requests” to the US governors on the conduct of telephone conversations with the Ambassador

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