The Ukrainian military has received two upgraded MiG-29

Украинские военные получили два модернизированных МиГ-29

The Ukrainian military has been modernized MiG-29МУ1. Two military aircraft, which will strengthen the defense capability of the Ukrainian army, – in one of the units, wrote on his page in Facebook the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“The MiG-29 and su-27 is the main combat aircraft of Air forces of Ukraine. Upgraded to the level of MiG-29МУ1 the aircraft received a more powerful radar and integrated into the on-Board radio navigation complex system of satellite navigation,” – said Poroshenko.

It is reported that the work to improve combat aircraft complied with the Lviv state aircraft repair plant together with other enterprises of the State concern “Ukroboronprom”.

MiG-29МУ1 can reach the speed of 2450 km/h. In the list of weapons of the fighter includes 30-mm automatic cannon, rockets “air-air” for air combat at low and medium distances, as well as bombs and blocks of unguided missiles to destroy ground targets.

The aircraft is also equipped with advanced electronic warfare system that is designed for individual protection of fighter aircraft and enemy antiaircraft-rocket complexes and aircraft.

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