The UN expects a new wave of refugees from Central Africa

ООН ожидает новую волну беженцев из Центральной Африки

The United Nations warns of the possibility of a new wave of refugees – inhabitants of the region around lake Chad. This was announced by the head of the United Nations development Programme Achim Steiner in an interview for Reuters, reports DW.

“Millions of people there are in a situation where they simply no longer believe in their future. They don’t want to leave their country, but circumstances force them all the more for it,” he said.

According to Steiner, the region has a population of 6 million people is currently undergoing one of the largest humanitarian crises in Africa. At the same time the population faced hunger and poverty, environmental degradation in connection with climate change, as well as the regular terrorist attacks by the Islamist group “Boko Haram”.

Steiner said that the West should engage in the provision of assistance to the region and create conditions for its long-term development in order to avoid a new wave of migration and influx of refugees to EU countries.

Earlier, Israel announced its intentions within two months to deport 20 thousand refugees from Sudan and Eritrea.

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